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Philotimo Life works to influence social, workplace, and educational policies around grief and bereavement to modernize the conversation around grief. This is all to create generational wellness and reframe how we view death and grief.

Philotimo Life is grounded in the belief that we'll never truly honour and appreciate our lives if we never learn to truly honour and appreciate death. When we remove the taboo around the topic, we are able to better understand our mortality, help us to support those grieving, and to live a happier life.



The founder of Philotimo Life's mother died when she was two.

From an early age, she realized that talking about death was a huge no-no because people got really weird about it. As a way to avoid uncomfortable situations, she hardly spoke about her mom– let alone the way the loss impacted her.


As she got older, she began to ask herself, "Why aren't I talking about this? Why aren't we talking about it?" This is what led to Philotimo Life – a place that breathes life into the conversation around death.

Philotimo Life now provides organizations with corporate grief training, leadership training, grief coaching, and policy restructuring to create a human-first work environment.

You can learn more here.


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