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Philotimo Life

We provide corporate trainings, workshops, to modernize policies in organizations. We work with death and grief brands for them to better connect with their audiences.


In Greek, Philotimo translates to "love of honour," but means so much more. It's about always doing what's right and leading with love – it's a way of living that enhances the world and the lives of those in it.

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Testimonials & Reviews

"This is a hard road guided by empathy. You're in safe hands."

— Podcast Listener

"I love that someone out there has the courage to talk about a topic that's historically been so difficult to address."

— J.B

"I love the combination of humour with the topic of death."

— Podcast Listener

"It gave me hope that with these trainings happening, there's less risk of good people, with good intentions, feeling awkward and accidently saying the wrong thing at one of the worst possible times."

— Tatiana M.

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