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There is an overwhelming amount of grief being felt within the world right now. As a result of deaths, lockdowns, and stolen moments with loved ones, this grief is being felt within teams and organizations across the country.

Grief is not something that can be wished away. It needs to be handled with care and compassion. People leaders need support and insights on how to better navigate all this grief that's built up and is living within their workplaces. They need the skills to have a human-first approach with their team – to handle challenging conversations. They need to lead with compassion to create a caring work environment that prioritizes an individual's needs.

Companies immensely benefit when they lead with a grief-literate mindset. This approach leads to the creation of a more caring and compassionate workplace, which has shown to increase employee retention while increasing the recruitment of top talent.

Corporate grief training provides skills and resources to better navigate conversations around death, as well as discussions about retirement, promotions, a child's graduations, and all the other areas of life where grief exists.

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